Aeons of Judgment

by Mother Excelsia



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four highly textured, densely layered solo guitar improvisations.
emotionally overcharged discordance.
releasing the demons of 2016 in witness of the winter solstice.
dark noise, massive riffs, and an oppressive atmosphere.


[Release Notes:]
guitar tracks were recorded on the solstice (december 21st) in a single take. mixed & mastered december 22nd.
this is my first album to feature eight string guitar; the guitar's signal is fed into an amp, lined out to another amp. that amp is then again lined out through an octave pedal to a larger amp. the two smaller amps manage the mid and high end of the extended range guitar; the larger single amp handles the low-mid and low. both groups of signals are recorded individually. the low end (top 2 strings) is treated as a bass guitar and the high end is treated as a standard six string guitar.

in terms of improvisation, i wanted this album to push my playing into stranger, more abstract dimensions, including the use of chords with five or more strings at once (walls of sound), a much more fluid and expressive sense of tempo, and significantly more intricate pattern structure (although many parts of the tracks don't follow patterns).
the second half of the title track, "Aeons of Judgment," features slower, tap-based playing that utilizes top strings and bottom strings at the same time to simulate a bass-guitar duo. this is something that i am in the process of refining further, as i find writing music with the 8-string guitar extremely compelling due to the extended tonal possibilities.


released December 22, 2016

natasha - 8 string guitar, recording & production



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TRON MAXIMUM Olympia, Washington

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