Ixrillia​/​Bog Sirens [Live​/​Split]

by Ixrillia / Bog Sirens



[ Ixrillia ]
experimental guitarist natasha dawn collides with a drum machine going at 256 beats per minute and rapidly changing time signatures and odd drum patterns thrown together with rapid, endless riffs flying across each other, one after another before the human brain can even register.
"Ixrillia-Exorsilxua" is a medley of various riffs and drum patterns played in a quasi-improvised fashion, written exclusively for this show.. "Exorsilxua-Eklypsisya" is Ixrillia-Exorsilsua thrown into a tornado of broken mirrors.

[ Bog Sirens ]
queer power femme duo natasha & Miranda express their deepest hatred for a corrupted and filthy society expressed through the vector of improvised extreme metal fused with free jazz in a discordant, aggressive blend. harsh screaming and bellowing interspersed with gnarled extended range guitar and endlessly pounding percussion, genres shifting in and out played to the full limits of the human body.


live performance, archived for posterity.
@ Wunderkammer Curiosity Shop, Tacoma, WA

Ixrillia (natasha solo) opener, followed by Bog Sirens (natasha&Miranda).

performed as part of the Sound(s) For the Curious Mondays, #6, July 10 2017.


released July 20, 2017

natasha - 8 string guitar, drum machine on ipad, cover art, production & mastering

Bog Sirens
natasha - 8 string guitar, vocals, video recording, mastering, cover art
Miranda - drums, audio recording, production, lovingly crafted song title

special thanks to Brandon C for booking
special thanks to Wunderkammer for letting us smash up the joint



all rights reserved


TRON MAXIMUM Olympia, Washington

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